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The Back-to-Books Bundle
The Back-to-Books Bundle

The Back-to-Books Bundle

Other Life Lessons

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Whether your child is heading back to school or you're planning for a fall of online learning, our Back-to-Books bundle helps parents start honest conversations about:

  • Entitlement (book: Life's Not Fair)
  • Resilience (book: Don't Be a Quitter)
  • Screen time (book: Sunshine and Screen TIme)

Each bundle includes three books and free digital downloads of worksheets that accompany each book, including I Am Not a Quitter Pledge, My Screen Time Tickets, and The Hustle Hunt.

The Back-to-Books Bundle includes 3 books shipped to your home:
Life’s Not Fair
Sunshine and Screen Time 
Don't Be a Quitter 

Each book is a 6" x 6" soft cover with matte soft-touch finish and 36 pages (including covers).

Plus, you also get these digital downloads of our printable worksheets sent right to your inbox: 
I Am Not a Quitter Pledge
My Screen Time Tickets
The Hustle Hunt
Self-Esteem Origami