About Other Life Lessons

Other Life Lessons is a small publishing company based in Toronto, Canada founded by Meaghan Hadwyn and Niki Snjaric. It was established by two moms who were tired of only reading their kids stories about cute fluffy animals and unicorns. While those types of stories are lovely, they also wanted books that would help explain difficult topics, including entitlement, grief and why they left home during the week to go to work. They believe that life is a crazy, beautiful and incredible adventure but there are speed bumps along the way and moments that can be hard or unexpected. With their honest children's books, they share with children, as well as adults, the often-unspoken truths and struggles all of us face as we grow. Because if life is an adventure, we’re all exploring it together.


About Niki (The Artist) + Meaghan (The Author)

Niki Snjaric and Meaghan Hadwyn met when they were put together to be a creative team at a Toronto advertising agency. Their creative chemistry was undeniable and they soon became known as an inseparable pair. After having babies only six weeks apart, they realized they had something else in common. They both wanted to introduce other life lessons to their children in a way that was honest and straightforward. It was then that they founded Other Life Lessons with the goal of publishing unconventional, honest children’s books about everything from grief to coming in last place. Every book they have created is based on personal experiences with guidance and input from child development professionals when necessary.